Common digital printing Retractable Banners output problem

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Inkjet printing is usually connected to the RIP, each RIP to support the text in various degrees.? For complicated illustration graphic, user should pay attention to the following:

1. Retractable Banners output is generally confined to text only, so it is best to put all text into the bounding box to avoid problem in such cases.

2. If the production was with PageMaker and QuarkXpress, then it cannot be directly converted to text in the software box. Users can store the files into EPS files, you can put all text into boxes.

3. most of the RIP in the market can support True Type Font, except in case of making large sections are usually scaled down, to the Retractable Banner output amplifier. In this case, the use of? True Type Font requires extra care. If the manuscript is enlarged more than 200% on a Rip.