J! Retractable Banner module

retractablebanner-logoAnimated Pop Up and Retract Banners attract more attention! RETRACTABLE BANNER makes all your Banners stand together neatly and displayed with eye catching Pop Up and Retract animations when mouse over. It lets you conveniently manage to display Retractable Banners standing in groups on selected pages with the applications of Joomla module feature.

Features of RETRACTABLE BANNER module

  • Joomla 2.5+ Native
  • Positioning of the Banners are managed with Joomla module function
  • Lively Pop Up animation of the Banner when mouseover. Automatically Retracting to the original size and position when mouse-away
  • Any outbound or inbound hyperlink URL could be used for the Retractable Banner to promote your own products, or other websites' products or even affiliate links to some earnings
  • Multiple (Maximum 10) Banners and Link URL could be enabled in each module position show up
  • Could use Joomla Module multiple page display feature to activate and display different groups of Retractable Banners on selected pages
  • Jquery JavaScript Framework
  • Highly compatible with most modern browsers: Firefox, IE6+, Opera 9.5+, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome


Getting Started

Install the J! RETRACTABLE BANNER module

This is a quick instruction on how to easily install the Retractable Banner module in your Joomla installation.

  1. Downloading the J! RETRACTABLE BANNER module
  2. Login to your Joomla Admin
  3. Use your Extensions Installer in the Joomla Admin : Extensions >> Install/Uninstall
  4. Click the BROWSE button, then select the module file (mod_retractablebanner.zip) which you have downloaded; and click UPLOAD FILE & INSTALL
  5. If everything works fine, you should see a message: Module Installation - Success

That's all! the installation is completed and the RETRACTABLE BANNER module is ready for your activation in your Joomla Admin Modules Manager.



Retractable Banner Stands

This website is dedicated to the development of digital Retractable Banner module for online marketing purpose.  Please go here for Retractable Banner Stands and other Banners printing product for your offline marketing event or Trade Shows.